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Social Media, Strategy, & Integrated Marketing Solutions
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We help mission-driven entrepreneurs and leader teams who are looking to create a clear social path forward, a solid marketing blueprint to follow, & safe place to learn to create impact, influence, & income online.

About Virtual Options

Virtual Options Coaching & Training was founded by Dawn Raquel Jensen, in 1998 for business owners and entrepreneurs who needed on-site custom training and organizational development solutions. In 2007, there was a shift to integrate emerging online search, new media and marketing together. This gave small business owners a level same playing field to gain visibility and getting known online.

Virtual Options provides creative and integrated marketing training and solutions support for entrepreneurs and business owners. 

How We Support Clients

I believe in meeting clients where they are

Whether this is your first social rodeo, your an experienced marketer, or somewhere in between, we start where you are and bridge that gap to where you want to be. 

Letting technology do the heavy lifting

There is no substitute for real, organic conversations and client engagement. And, there are many ways technology can aid your omnichannel marketing, integrated business systems and processes.

Start small. Build deliberately. Be consistent.

Wherever you are in your business marketing is perfect. Teams can quickly target, find and tackle the missed opportunities during team Social Business Briefs and Training Intensives.

Our Approach

Whether you are building out your social media presence or you have a marketing team that manages your social engagement, social media is always changing.

Save time, increase productivity, and create more paths to income for your business.

It pays to implement the latest social media best practices, digital marketing tips, and tricks. Custom social media marketing training and business briefs are one way to leverage the latest information integrated marketing into your business.

Featured Publications

Social Media Firestarter 

  • Part 1 – Creating Visibility
  • Part 2 – Establishing Credibility
  • Part 3 – Building Thought Leadership Online

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