Understand Who You Are For the People You Serve

Get Your Business  Listed  & Found Online
Be Visible by Increasing Your SEO Through Digital Marketing

Position Yourself and your Brand as THE Expert in Your Field
Use Your Message and your Digital Marketing Momentum to Attract the Right Customers

Leverage Your Time & Technology (Hint: YOUR JOB is NOT to post on Social Media)
Let technology (& AI) do the heavy lifting
Gain the Impact & Income

Social Media & Digital Marketing Coach

Get a leading social media marketing consultant as your personal consultant. Better than a class. More effective than watching videos.

AI, Digital Marketing & Social Media Speaker

Learn from a speaker who merges AI technology, social media, digital marketing, technology training, and business strategy together.

Entrepreneurial Marketing & AI Digital Marketing Services

Custom, personalized digital marketing and social media solutions for business owners and leadership teams. We build out the digital marketing roadmap that integrates your SEO, social media, content marketing, email, media, and messaging to provide you with  done-for-you or done-with-you  integrated marketing solutions for your business .

Speaking & Live Engagements

From Digital Transformation to Customer Experience, Impact & topic-driven edutainment for keynotes, webinars, conferences, breakout sessions, and panels. Virtual & hybrid event collaborations are available.

AI Digital Marketing Coaching

Designate, define, and design your business as an industry leader and your leadership as an authority in field.  Whether live, in-person, virtual, or online, building business income through online impact with social media done-for-you/done-with-you advisory, training tailored to your digital strategy and your organization's desired outcomes.

What Is Digital Marketing Coaching?

Whether you are an experienced marketer or looking to improve foundational skills in social media, a digital media marketing coach acts as a guide, advisor, or teacher for omni-channel or integrated marketing presence.

We can help you gain a better understanding of social media and digital marketing, streamline the time it takes to gets your business or brand known, create a streamlined and consistent social media presence, blueprint an online marketing path with a marketing or content strategy, and provide the groundwork and the deliverables to increase your impact online. 

Who Is Digital Marketing Coaching For?

Digital  Marketing Coaching is for:

  • Frustrated entrepreneurs looking to build a digital presence and want a clear path forward
  • Consultants and professionals who uses their personal brand to get business to increase their online visibility and impact
  • Coaches, trainers, speakers who are looking to get more clients with social media

  • Leaders who want to grow their impact and influence to increase their income

What is The Process Like?

Depending on what goals and milestones you’d like to accomplish, we utilize Zoom or Google Meet for Virtual Meetings. This initial call or breakthrough session identifies under developed or underutilized areas of impact online. At the end of the session, if it makes sense to move forward and we believe we can bring value that would make a difference for you, we get started.

We provide Social Business Briefings for C-suite and executive team sessions to address a particular topic or strategy.  We also provide Done-for-you and Done-with-you services.

For half-day and full-day Social Business Intensives, email us to request more information or book a quick call. 

1. Simplify & Laser Focus Your Social Media PRESENCE

 Gain clarity and get focused on what works.Grow your visibility so clients can find you. Establish yourself and get known on social media.

2. Get More Impact Online

 Provide value and grow your network. Reach clients where they are online.

3. Grow Your Influence

Grow your thought leadership and your impact

Social Business Coaching Packages

Establishing Your Dynamic Digital Marketing Presence

This is a quick start to build your business and brand visibility.  Great for new and beginning entrepreneurs and business owners establish, get found, and stand out online.

More Details

This program that lays the foundation of your digital marketing presence.

  •  Enhance your Business Presence Online
  • Build local SEO 
  • Easy Social Profiles Guide
  • Social Media, Local Listings & Website Audit
  • Identity Top Keyword & Hashtags
  • Enhance Social Media Channel Art
  • Build Out a Content Strategy

Get Started

Create Your Online Blueprint: Building Brand & Business Credibility 

For organizations looking to level up their online impact and integrate marketing and social media.

More Details


  • Access to Social Media FireStarter Program
  • Blueprints Marketing Strategy
  • Customized Content Maps
  • Helps identify and develop best practices & strategy for team.
  • Determined pivots to establish more productive systems and leverage processes for stronger customer engagement.

Create Influence

Building Your Digital and Social Media Platforms

Marketing that identifies and distinguishes your business from those in your industry and creates you as leader in your field.

More Details
  • For high-performing speakers, authors, coaches, and trainers who are established.
  • Organizations and entrepreneurs who’ want to position themselves as thought leaders and influencers in their field or respected industry.
  • Includes Social Media FireStarter Program
  • Personalized Marketing Strategy
  • Customized Content & Syndication Maps
  • Outline Authority Strategy 

Starts at

Build Impact & Income

About Dawn

Dawn Raquel Jensen, EMBA is a sought-after international social media trainer and speaker, merging social media, digital marketing, technology training and business strategy together. With over two decades of coaching and training, she delivers dynamic, interactive, and educational strategy workshops and deep dive advisory coaching and informative lectures.

She resides as a fractional CMO/CXO to organizations, and leadership teams providing coaching and deep-dive advisory to build out strategic marketing initiatives, training organizations on how to build influence and impact for and in the communities they serve.  

Dawn founded Virtual Options Coaching & Training in 2001 which evolved into one of Central Florida’s boutique advisory & training firms for entrepreneurs and first stage businesses. As the marketing trainer and business advisor, Dawn works with entrepreneurs and business owners, the University of Central Florida’s Business Incubation Program, and the Small Business Development Center. She is a digital marketing professor and board member for Seminole State College’s Entrepreneurship and Social Media Advisory Board.

Dawn provides social business marketing, strategic direction, and best practices to create clients as industry leaders and influencers.

Prior to this, she served eight years in the US Navy Reserve as a public affairs specialist and journalist, covering military, national, and world events in the United States and Europe. Dawn received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida and received her Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology.



“Dawn is a bit of a Jedi master in digital marketing and branding. Even better, she was eager to really understand my interests and challenges, and then offer advice on actionable steps that will make an immediate difference in my small business.” – Brandon Gould

“Most comprehensive computer course I have attended. Dawn Jensen explains clearly a complicated subject. Great course and super instructor.”

L. KingArt Festival Foundation

“Dawn gave me insight into my education questions and business startup. She offered specific resources to assist in marketing my business and in increasing my skills through online certifications.”  – Dee Rodriguez

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