• Do you know

    where your clients reside online?


    Are you reaching them?


    We've been around since 2001 training thousands of clients, hundreds of business owners, CEOs and C-Suite Executives. Now, we are sharing what we know with you.


    We work with clients who want to:


    Create an online presence.

    Establish a digital path.
    Craft a social business strategy.

    Build a social platform that converts into sales.

  • Craft a Plan. Build a Presence.
    Create a Platform.

    It's really just that simple.

    Social Media Advisory

    Business Nuts & Bolts

    There is no one who knows how to run your business better than you. Your presence online is important and we can help while you work your business. Great for SMBs who have an in-house person or team.


    We work with you to develop your online marketing and organically build your following. Our team can support and support your business social media accounts, onboard your team and help your presence. Email us for more information.

    Consulting & Training

    Create Clarity & A Path Forward​

    Training a classroom or a boardroom, we break digital marketing down for you. For more information on social media training, click here.


    Need specialty help? We look at the 30,000 foot view, crafting a strategy,and  helping you implement tools and tactics, and plan that achieves all your digital marketing goals.


    Actionable. Engaging.

    Have an event or conference? Would you like your attendees to leave with actionable information? Book Dawn to come speak at your next event, meeting or seminar on topics in and around social media and digital marketing for business.


    Click here for sample topics and see what others had to say. Get started working with me.

    DIY Training


    Sometimes you simply want to get done what needs to get done with out a lot of hand holding. If you want "Just the facts ma'am", click here to get started.


    And just in case, we are really great at holding hands. For VIP treatment and a six-week intensive, click here.

    Done for You

    Need a Team?​

    For custom, in-depth, deep dives into all aspects of your social media, search engine marketing, search engine and digital marketing optimization with a team working solely on your project or with your company team.  We take on select projects. To apply, click here to start the application.

    One-Day Intensives

    VIP Training, Travel included.​

    Let's face it, getting your leadership team together can almost take an act of Congress. We provide a digital strategist and trainer to look at all aspects of social media and marketing, online presence, social media policy and procedure for your team. We provide training, templates, knowledge, know-how, support, and best practices.

  • Building Your Online Authority


    One of the great things we get to do is figure out your original digital thumbprint - that unique way you do business. Your clients buy what they believe in and trust. And you have a unique perspective on the way you do business. It combines your years of experience, your body of wisdom, your time, energy and talent.



    That, along with your passion, gives us an opportunity to showcase what separates you from those in your industry. This is building your niche and your online authority. We simply help you get to that and present it online in a way that makes sense for you and your clients. Period.


    If it makes sense and you'd like to take part in this program, tell us a little bit about you!

  • Connect to Us

    We would love to stay updated with what you're doing. Connect with us and let us know how we can support,
    (who we can connect with you),  what you are up to.






  • Have a Question?

    Let us know. Sometimes it's easier when you have some clarity to move

    forward, even when we aren't the best solution for you.

    Have something more in-depth? Click here!